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SCHOEPS BA 20 Saxaphone Adaptor

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 8.00.15 PM.png

The SCHOEPS BA 20 is an Instrument adapter for wind instruments with a bell such as saxophone, trumpet or trombone.


For use with amplifier CMC 1 KV + microphone capsule MK


Recommended MK capsule types: Supercardioid MK 41 for live, Cardioid MK 4 (optional 22/21) for studio. Also available as a complete "Saxophone Set" with the BA 20 and a CMC 1 KV XLR with MK 41 supercardioid capsule. 


QP SLIM Boom Poles 

We are super excited to announce the new Slim edition of the popular Ambient QuickPole Series.


"Slim" because it has one segment less and is very comfortable to hold with a bottom diameter of just 30mm. 


Why the QP Slim?

We have received a lot of feedback from customers who loved our old 4-segment QS Line. The request for a thinner version of the QP5 has now been answered.


And while we were at it, we improved a few other things:


The features (compared to the regular QP5 series):

  • Thinner Diameter (30mm bottom section instead of 34mm)

  • Lighter (one segment less)

  • Improved Locks (a quarter turn now completely prevents lateral twisting)

  • All Black Tip, 3/8"

QP5 Slim_Group_edited.jpg


2 Lengths - up to 16.8'


Custom-made carbon fiber compound


Teflon sheeting plus silicone lubricated felts


Silky-smooth extending and collapsing


Refined knurling on hand nuts


Locks open & close securely and lightning fast


Anti-twist mechanism of pole sections


Newly designed removable all black 3/8" tip

QP5 Slim_Tip.jpg
QP5 Slim_Locks_edited.jpg
Radius Logo_Website.png
RAD-00285 RAD-2 Shock Mount Image 3_edited.jpg

RADIUS RAD Shock Mounts

The RAD Shock Mounts are designed to be used with short shotgun and small condenser pencil microphones (super-cardioid, cardioid and omni). This suspension provides exceptional isolation from movement, handling noise and other vibrations associated with booming. The mount has soft-coated universal mic clips to fit any mic 19-25mm in diameter. Each mount includes a pair of standard firmness hoops (black) and a pair of softer hoops (light blue) -- so you can get the best isolation for your style of booming. All of the components are produced using virtually indestructible thermoplastic elastomers from high-precision injection moulding in an ISO-9000 certified factory (no 3D printing here). The RAD Shock Mounts are made in England.

RAD-00285 RAD-2 Shock Mount Image 8.jpg
RAD-00285 RAD-2 Shock Mount Image 2.jpg
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