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Firmware 6.0 for Lockit Devices

We are pleased to be the first manufacturer of timecode devices ever to introduce camera compliant project rates within the ACN. While timecode by SMPTE spec itself does not support higher frame rates than 30, selecting the right frame rate for shooting on e.g. 50P has been a constant cause of confusion.

With "timecode compare" 6.00 introduces a powerful tool of the former ACC101 and 501 controllers: With the MasterLockit you can take it another step up the ladder. Basically bringing back the tuning process of the controller now with wireless goodness, you can tune all your slaves at once with a click of a button. So, with just a single jam they will clock as accurate as ever possible in tune with each other over days.


PCS-Boom Quick Release System

Rycote is elated to introduce the brand new Professional Connection System ('PCS'), the inventive, simple and intuitive quick attach and release system. The first product in the range is the PCS-Boom Connector which has been designed for professional boom pole use.

With its universal 3/8" compatibility and incredibly simple 'click-in' attachment mechanism, this new PCS-Boom Connector is rock solid and noise-free when connected. 

Compatible with any make of microphone shock mount w a 3/8" thread)  *Starting at $99.95  LEARN MORE: rycote.com


VT403WA - Ultra-miniature Waterproof Lavalier

TheVT403WA is a professional WATERPROOF and RF-Protected  lavalier microphone suited perfectly for Musicals, Theatre, Film & Broadcast. Now available in Black & Beige.


What's in the box:

  1. VT403WA Omni Lavalier, Waterproof, Reinforced cable

  2. Alligator Clip

  3. Dracula Mount

  4. RBM2 Concealer

  5. Mini Windscreen

  6. Mini Magnet Clip

  7. Watertight Otter Box

Available with terminations for Lectro, Sennheiser, Shure etc..

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