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Viviana Beetle

A one of a kind low-profile Lavalier microphone Concealer that's ultra-sleek and Modular! The Beetle is versatile mic-model specific concealer for the venerable Sanken COS-11. It helps solve multiple problems when "micing" up talent out of sight under clothing with the need to reduce rubbing and rustle noise.


Injection moulded for toughness the modular design allows for different "snap-on" attachments like a bra clip and vampire clip (coming soon). The basic Beetle can be used easily in the Viviana Chest Strap or directly on skin or wardrobe with Viviana Stickers which are perfect to hold the Beetle onto skin and fabric without leaving any residue.


The Blue Colette Set 

SCHOEPS produced a limited run of this custom Colette Set consisting of a CMC 1U, MK 41 and CUT 60 LF Filter with accessories in custom Peli case - in lovely "CMIT Blue".

Pairs sonically and visually to perfection with an existing CMIT 5 or MiniCMIT. Available to order now. No alterations or substitutions.


Order Code: CMC141C-BLUE

Description: The Blue Colette Set, Limited run set consisting of CMC 1 U, MK 41, CUT 60, SG 20, B 5 D, Custom Peli 1015 Case.


VT500Mobile Smartphone Interview Kit

A broadcast quality bundle for “on the go” mobile video and speech recording with a smartphone. The IA-2 adapter allows recording of two people at the same time at identical levels on one smartphone. The included VT500 Lavaliers are a matched pair with flat and natural frequency response. Mobile journalists, podcasters and “Youtubers” get the chance to record interviews and segments with two people in professional broadcast quality with little effort.

The Plug-and-play functionality that is ideal for the production of professional recording such as MoJo (Mobile Journalism), Content Creators, Podcasts, Social Media-Videos (Youtube, Vimeo), interview videos in Talking Head-Format and more. The IA-2 has a headphone jack for monitoring.

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