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Without a doubt SCHOEPS is among the most innovative manufacturers of microphones, having always followed its own path in product development since its founding in 1948.
The SCHOEPS name enjoys great respect world-wide. It is associated with products that are impressive for their simple elegance and practicality, in addition to their excellent quality.
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Colette Modular System 

In 1973 Schoeps introduced the first professional Modular Condenser Microphone System with active elements to the world. The Colette Modular System, now commonly referred to as the “CMC Series” is still to this day the most extensive and versatile microphone system ever conceived. The Schoeps Colette System has been widely imitated throughout the years, but never matched. Colette Series microphones can be used universally for applications where a recordist demands the highest quality available in a small diaphragm condenser microphone.


Microphone Sets are available as single microphone or stereo matched pairs packaged with accessories in a special wood box.

V4 U Studio Microphone

The V4 U is a studio vocal microphone that unites the outstanding technical characteristics typical of SCHOEPS with a timeless, classic design. 

The “look” of the V4 U is based on the SCHOEPS CM 51/3 microphone from 1951. But the V4 U is a thoroughly mo­dern studio microphone. Its capsule, cir­cuitry and mechanical construction are the result of extensive new development. Its capsule architecture has a warm, clear sonic character with smoothly rolled-off diffuse-field response. The V4's newly designed electronics offer a very high maximum sound pressure level and excellent electromagnetic compatibility.

Shotgun Microphones

SCHOEPS shotgun microphones combine high directionality and high sound quality.


Introduced in 2005, The Schoeps CMIT 5U has set a new standard for shotgun microphones which produces a natural sound, not thought possible with an interference-tube design.

Since then SCHOEPS has released the SuperCMIT Digital Shotgun with integral DSP processing to enhance its directivity and the MiniCMIT with miniaturized electronics, low current draw and overall shorter length.

SCHOEPS Shotgun microphones are often considered the benchmark in quality and performance for this technique.

Surround & 3D Audio Techniques

SCHOEPS offers microphone arrangements for almost every available surround recording technique. Many surround microphone arrangements can be assembled with our standard microphones. Special accessories then allow for optimal usage of these microphones. Since there is essentially an infinite variety of ways to design a surround microphone arrangement, only a selection will be presented here. You can find further ideas and information in our Surround Brochure.

3D-Audio for broadcast surround is captured with our ORTF-3D System which also provides ideal acquisition of audio for VR.

CCM Compact Series

The CCM represents the logical next step in the miniaturization of classic condenser microphone technology without any compromise in quality.


The capsules are identical to the corresponding Colette models, while the amplifiers follow the same circuit principles as CMC amplifiers, with low-impedance balanced output circuitry that allows the use of microphone cables up to hundreds of feet long without interference. The self-noise is as low as that of the Colette System—absolute studio quality.


The capsule and amplifier of the CCM (“Compact Condenser Microphone”) form an inseparable unit in a single housing. Available in two versions: LEMO disconnect and Hardwired cable to XLR-3M. The LEMO version allows for wider accessories.


SCHOEPS is famous for their massive selection of accessories to support their microphones. Many distinguish themselves with their timeless, classic designs. 

There is hardly another product that represents the SCHOEPS name as much as the RC active extension tube. It offers a high degree of versatility and an elegant design.

STEREO Microphones

SCHOEPS offers a selection of microphones and accessories for M/S, X/Y, Blumlein, ORTF and A/B stereo recording allows the user to find the right setup for any recording situation.

The CMXY 4V and MSTC 64 microphones consist of two directly connected microphone capsules, making them "real" stereo microphones. The microphones realize well-known stereophonic recording with setups such as XY or ORTF.

Most stereophonic setups can be realized by combining conventional microphones with some of our many accessories

Plug-ins & Apps

The “Double M/S Tool” plug-ins enables customized, intuitive decoding of the three signals of the Double M/S system. It decodes the three Double M/S signals to a 5.0 mix - requires a multi-channel software host. 


PolarflexPlug-in - Create useful, new response patterns and control the balance of direct and diffuse sound across the frequency range. 

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