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For more than forty years, Rycote has specialised to develop and make the industry standard shock & wind protection for the extremes of field production sound. It is not just our specialty, it is our passion. It has never been enough to just build the best field production tools for microphones today, we are constantly engineering better tools for tomorrow.

We continue to apply our years of engineering knowledge to create the most complete line of specialized microphone accessories that exists today. These tools are designed for capturing audio whilst preventing wind and handling noise, but preserving the microphones natural frequency response.

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Cyclone Windshield System

Rycote’s flagship Cyclone range features next-generation wind and handling noise isolation for discerning audio professionals. All Cyclone baskets feature our advanced 3D-Tex® material. This durable windshield system possesses outstanding, consistent performance while being easy to maintain as it does not use fur. The Cyclone is truly evolutionary, and now we have taken it a step further with 31 unique STEREO Cyclone Windshields.

All Cyclone models feature our advanced 3D-Tex® material. This provides a neutral appearance and superior performance over standard basket solutions, with excellent acoustic transparency and superb attenuation of wind-noise.

Modular Windshields

The original, time-tested, professional windshield system for isolation from wind and handling noise. Rycote windshield / suspension systems are the original, iconic systems used by audio professionals around the world since 1969. Rycote has applied numerous industry-leading engineering developments, evolving this system to maintain its status as the gold standard over the past decades.

The Modular Windshield System offers various levels of wind protection and maximum shock isolation. Available in complete, comprehensive kits, modular components can also be purchased for retrofitting to accommodate different length or diameter microphones.

Super-Shield and Super-Blimp

This complete windshield / shock-mount system has a unique pod designed for fast microphone access while maintaining Rycote’s professional, flexible levels of wind protection set in place by the Modular Windshield system. This design integrates the same lightweight, flexible, robust plastic netting and screening material for professional performance and reliability.


Using Rycote’s Lyre Technology®, this clever suspension design enables the suspensions to snap in place quickly to attain the perfect position and balance for the microphone. With the included windjammer and Pistol-Grip, the system is ready to go wherever the next broadcast, sports, or news event takes you.

Classic-Softie Windshield

The original slip-on windshield, the Classic-Softie offers proven, cost-effective wind protection at a moment’s notice.

The genuine Classic-Softie set the standard for slip-on wind protection. Advanced materials, adhesives and assembly techniques all combine to make the Softie an extremely tough product that provides excellent wind protection to withstand the harshest environments. Specially designed acoustic foam and synthetic fur achieve up to 25 dB of wind-noise reduction without any adverse effect on high frequencies. While protecting the mic, the specialty foam is impervious to UV and moisture damage making this a trusted tool for years of effective use in the harshest environments.

Boom & Camera Mic Shockmounts

Industry-leading shock and handling isolation for Broadcast & Film applications.

Rycote’s InVision Broadcast & Film products are designed for discreet, low-profile boom mounted use in broadcast environments where full basket windshielding is not required. Professional isolation utilising Lyre suspension systems provides industry-leading shock and handling isolation for broadcast & film applications.

Videographers and camcorder users can now get the best possible handling isolation while using professional, external camera-mounted microphones.

USM Studio Shockmounts

Rycote has applied its exclusive Lyre Technology to develop the InVision Studio product line bringing a new level of performance, versatility, value, and durability to studio, live sound, broadcast and installed applications.

Rycote’s exclusive Lyre Technology is the most advanced shock mount and suspension technology used in field applications today. Rycote has applied this expertise to develop the InVision Studio product line bringing a new level of performance, versatility, value, and durability to studio, live sound, broadcast and installed applications.

Lavalier Solutions

Rycote understands that capturing high-quality audio with Lavalier microphones can be an art-form depending on the needs of the application. That is why we have designed a line of products for lavaliers using our signature wind and noise protection for the best possible audio in various low-profile and hidden mic applications.

Products include Lavalier Windjammers, Foams, Stickies, Undercovers and Overcovers.

Most recently we released our "Advanced" versions of Stickies and Overcovers.

Mic Flags

The idea was to take a boring product like a mic flag and engineer the heck out of it, make it beautiful, durable and incredibly versatile - success!

Rycote’s Microphone Flags are lightweight, sponsorship friendly and built for longevity. Our design team removed their weakest link – perishable foam inserts, replacing them with hard-wearing rubber vanes so they are just as effective tomorrow as they are today.

Rycote Mic Flags can be used with any microphones ranging from 19 to 38mm in diameter.

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