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Cable Techniques was founded in 2005 with our first product - the original Battery Bud compact DC distribution box and supporting cables. Specializing in accessory products for location and production audio Cable Techniques currently makes hundreds of audio interface cables, DC cables, adaptors and connectors. With products made to support brands like Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Wisycom, Zaxcom our products can be found all over the world.
In 2016 Cable Techniques introduced a full line of Low-Profile XLR and TA connectors perfect for "DIY" enthusiasts. 
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Low-Profile XLR Connectors

Premium quality, efficient, rock-solid durable and ADJUSTABLE that can be assembled "DIY" as easy as standard connectors and repaired on the fly. Our LoPro connectors eliminate the need for the massive modification process of cutting down standard connectors.

We offer 3-pin, 4-pin and 5-pin Male & Female XLR connectors. You can set the cable outlet angle of the XLR's comfortably from 30° to 150° and 210° to 330° from the release button. Our custom caps are injection moulded of ABS thermoplastic for maximum impact resistance and toughness. The shells are a custom precision cast with a matte non-reflective black finish and gold contact pins.

Low-Profile TA Connectors

We offer TA3F, TA4F and TA5F "Mini XLR" connectors. Our brand new LPS Series TA connectors have color ABS caps with adjustable outlet angles just like the XLR's and allow fine-tuning for your exact preference. LPS connectors can be color-coded by caps or with color ID polydomes while fixed outlet version use only color polydomes.

LoPro cables can be up to 40% lighter than standard cables while significantly reducing the profile of the interconnect panels.


MX-POWERSLED is a "Battery Eliminator" for Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 portable recorders with Hirose 4-pin connector. It accepts a DC input range of 9-24V from high capacity rechargables like NP-1 or Smart Batteries and supplies the recorder with consistent regulated power. Eliminates the need for USB power or using AA batteries.

With the MX-POWERSLED a MixPre Series recorder can be easily integrated into a Bag Rig with wireless receivers etc. all powered by a single rechargeable via a portable DC Distribution system. The Hirose 4-pin connection provides a secure connection and cabling options are readily available. 


Battery Bud Portable DC Distribution

The Battery Bud II is a super-small modular DC distribution box that will split power from a single battery source via Five Hirose 4-pin outputs. The Battery Bud II was designed for the production sound professional. It’s small, lightweight and field durable. We offer a full complement of high quality cables to mate with the most popular field production equipment.

The version Battery Bud II-USB additionally includes a USB Dedicated Charging Port (DCP) for charging a smartphone or tablet. The USB port is conveniently located on the top for easy access and is "Unswitched".

Low-Profile Cables

Not everyone fancies grabbing a soldering iron and some DIY Lo-Pros so we offer pre-made interconnect cables with Low-Profile connectors ready-to-go "outta the box". LoPro cables considerably reduce the weight of your rig and allow for beautifully organized setups that benefit your workflow. Our series of Low-Profile cables are rock-solid durable and versatile that can be adapted to the worlds most popular sound gear and easily adjusted or repaired in the field if ever needed. 

We also offer a massive selection of standard cables of all kinds for production sound professionals. 

Coiled Cables

Coiled Boom Pole Cables: A tidy way to connect “internally cabled” boom poles to mixer inputs in over the shoulder applications. Features Right Angle or Lo-Pro XLR-3F connectors with coils that comfortably extends to about 6’ or more to an XLR-3M. Also available as in XLR-5F Stereo versions.

Custom high-quality coiled cable works equally well with straight, bottom exit poles and side-exit XLR connectors. Extremely durable and field proven quality.

Coiled Cables for Camera-mounted Gear: For Sennheiser receivers, Lectrosonics receivers and Microphones

For Sennheiser, Sound Devices, Lectrosonics..

Our standard cable selection for Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, Sound Devices (etc.) products include all the "must have" cables for production work. Our interface cables are carefully handcrafted to the highest standards using only premium materials and like all our cables assembled here in the USA. 

Products include Sennheiser wireless premium input and output cables, Lectrosonics o/p cables for SR, 411 and LR models as well as camera hops cables and a full selection for everything Sound Devices.

DC Powering Cables & Adaptors

Our DC powering cable selection includes cables to use with popular brands such as Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Zaxcom, Tascam, Zoom, Shure, Wendt, PSC and more.

The quality and durability of interconnect cables related to DC distribution is of tremendous importance for trouble free operation and the well being of your valuable gear.

Offering includes cables with Hirose 4-pin straight and Right Angle, 4-pin XLR 4-pin straight and Right Angle, Locking DC coaxial e.g. 761K, 760K and SR and battery adapters for NP-1  and Smart batteries.

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