Schoeps Digital - Product Overview

SuperCMIT 2U | CMD 2U

Schoeps DigitalSchoeps Digital division represents Schoeps' commitment to the advancement of microphone technology in the digital world. Schoeps currently offers a small selection of top-quality digital microphone products combining classic transducers with state of the art digital technology. Schoeps will continue their 60 years of innovation and pioneer cutting edge microphone products through the digital age and beyond.



The SuperCMIT 2U is a digital shotgun microphone with unparalleled “super” directivity. It is actually two shotgun microphones rolled into one. The AES CH-1 carries the SuperCMIT signal while CH-2 simultaneously carries a digital version of the standard CMIT shotgun signal. Both channels can be recorded at the same time providing the user options in Post to choose the more appropriate directionality for an individual shot.   


The SuperCMIT 2U uses unique digital signal processing that recognizes sound energy arriving from various directions, and determines whether that sound has a discrete, persistent direction of arrival or not. It uses this information to suppress diffuse sound and to focus on discrete sound. This allows the “reach” of the shotgun microphone to be increased significantly, without causing the usual sound-coloring artifacts of interference tubes. The Super­CMIT is the first microphone in the world to combine such high directivity with high sound quality.

Unwanted noise is greatly reduced in level - even at low frequencies without altering the tone color of front-arriving direct sound. Even a shotgun microphone with a long interference tube cannot do that. This makes the SuperCMIT ideal for complex film sound applications, audio for video and for sports events. The SuperCMIT also increases the “reach” of indoor recordings.

SuperCMIT Polar diagrams

SuperCMIT Polar diagrams, in DSP preset 2 the rear lobe is almost completely suppressed


DSP? Two Transducers? How is this Extreme Directivity achieved?

The SuperCMIT microphone uses exclusive technology from ILLUSONIC (patent pending). In addition to the capsule behind the interference tube, it contains a second, rear-facing microphone capsule. Digital signal processing (DSP) can analyze both signals and thereby distinguish discrete versus diffuse sound energy. The two signals are then combined in a time and frequency-dependent manner such that the directional effect for discrete sound energy is increased while the level of diffuse sound is reduced. At high frequencies (above 6 kHz) only the signal from the front-facing capsule is used, since the interference tube already offers optimal effectiveness in that range. Check out the Directivity Index image below to see the result:

Directivity Index image




  • SUPERCMIT 2U High-frequency emphasis (+ 5 dB at 10 kHz) enhances speech intelligibility, and compensates for high-frequency loss caused by windscreens
  • A steep low-cut filter (18 dB/oct. below 80 Hz) suppresses wind and boom noise
  • Preset 1: moderate directivity increase (green LED); ca. 11 dB reduction in diffuse sound (5 dB greater than a Schoeps CMIT or channel 2 of the SuperCMIT)
– Preset 2: strong directivity increase (red LED); ca. 15 dB diffuse sound reduction. This setting is reserved for special applications since sonic artifacts can occasionally be heard.

  • Pairs of LEDs next to each pushbutton indicate the status of the filters. Even in darkness the user can read the settings and see that the microphone is operational. The settings are retained when the microphone is switched off.

As of firmware version 1.33, you can push each pushbutton twice in succession for a 30dB active digital gain boost on the microphones output. For more info, click here.

  • Length: 280 mm (11'')
  • Diameter: 21 mm (0.83'')
  • Weight: 112 grams (only 4 ounces!)

Included Accessories: Wood box, SG20 stand clamp & W170 foam windscreen and either PSD 2U or MINI-DA42

Typical Accessories:
General outdoor use: Rycote 18cm Standard Hole Softie or 18cm Miniscreen with Softie Lyre MT
Maximum wind protection and audio transparency: Rycote Modular Windshield 4 Kit

What is AES42?

In its simplest form you can think of AES42 as being a digital version of phantom powering for digital microphones. More appropriately, AES42 adds 10V digital phantom powering to an AES3 digital signal. The SuperCMIT's output signal format is AES42, Mode 1. Mode 1 means that it runs on its own clock (48 kHz) and must be driven by an AES42 input with a sample rate converter (SRC). (Note: Neumann and Sennheiser use Mode 2). With the optional PSD 2U power box, it can also be used with a conventional AES3 input having built-in SRC. AES42 interfaces are available in some equipment such as the RME DMC-842 8-channel interface and the Sound Devices 788T portable 8-channel recorder. AES42 being built in to recording equipment will become more commonplace as digital microphones become more in demand. Further information is available at

PSD 2U AES-42 Power Supply (L) and MINI-DA42 "D to A" (R)

Schoeps PSD 2U Features:

  • Powering box for 10-Volt digital phantom powering (DPP) with XLR and RCA outputs
  • Suitable for the SuperCMIT 2U digital shotgun microphone or the CMD 2 U digital microphone amplifier with MK capsule
  • Requires 12 VDC external powering via Hirose 4-pin DC connector
  • An AC adapter is included 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz (US Mains Adaptor is not included)

Schoeps MINI-DA42 Features:

  • Powering box for 10-Volt digital phantom powering (DPP) and "D to A" converter with 15-pin D-Sub connection
  • Suitable for the SuperCMIT 2U digital shotgun microphone or the CMD 2 U digital microphone amplifier with MK capsule
  • Besides Digital out, also has Analog outputs to use Digital microphones like SuperCMIT 2U with ANALOG mixers
  • Includes 30cm 15-pin to (4) XLR-3: (Digital AES-42 MIc In, Digital AES-3 Out, Analog CH 1 Out and Analog CH 2 Out)
  • Requires 12 VDC external powering via Hirose 4-pin DC connector
  • An AC adapter is included 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz


CMD 2U - Digital AES42 body of the Colette “CMC” family


CMD 2UThe digital amplifier CMD 2 seamlessly extends the SCHOEPS ”Colette” modular microphone system. Instead of 48 Volt phantom powering, it operates with the standard digital phantom powering of an AES42 digital input. Sonically it is fully the equal of Schoeps' CMC-series analog microphones, but the internal A/D conversion eliminates analog interference and signal losses either in the cable or at the inputs of analog preamps and mixers.

  • For digital inputs that implement the AES 42-2006 standard
  • For use with any and all microphone capsules of the SCHOEPS "Colette" System
  • Designed for highest-quality music recording, but also ideal for ENG and conference application
  • Offers freedom from analog interference
  • Can be used with all Schoeps Active Accessories (extension tubes, cables, goosenecks and CUT filters)
  • Only 100 mA current consumption (digital phantom powering as specified by AES 42-DPP, 10 Volts)
  • Handles the full dynamic range from the noise floor to the absolute SPL limit without adjustment. (An AES input with SRC is needed for multiple CMD microphones)
  • The CMD 2 was nominated in 2005 for the ”Musik messe International Press Award”