QXS Light Boom Poles

RX EmergencyQXS Light Boom Poles


QXS Boompoles, light, compact, solid, robust, perfectly balanced

Your ideal boompole for ENG and TV use

The QXS series has retained all the features that have made Ambient Quickpole booms so successful, adding improved features that will especially appeal to those working “on the road”.

QXS Booms are “State of the Art“ pieces of equipment, and with other Ambient microphone support accessories such as Quicklok provides a comprehensive solution to sound engineers working in the field.



Very lightweight 1 mm custom made pullwind carbon fibre tube

NEW! Knurled collars for all-weather grip

NEW! Enhanced Segment Locking

Stainless steel tip with special hole for easy assembly of internal cabling

Internal soft felt bushings ensure rattle free operation and no seizing by dirt, humidity or cold temperatures

Collet and felt can easily be replaced on maintenance by the user at minimal cost to give an “as new” feel

Boom sizes have been selected for travelling needs - FIVE lengths available

New special bottom end allows coiled cable fixture to rotate when loosened allowing the internal spiral cable to relax and

remove twisting without opening the boom

Special fixing clamp for plug-on transmitters


QXS Improvements over the former QX Series


Knurled collars for all-weather grip
The all-new collars designed for the QXS Series Boom Poles feature a machined knurl similar to the popular QS boom that provides outstanding grip, especially with gloves.

Enhanced Segment Locking
Once we decided to create a new pole specifically designed for documentary and ENG booming work, we asked our mechanical engineering team to attempt to optimize even our most proven parts - and we were astonished with the results.

The new locking system designed for the new QXS Boom Poles locks faster and easier than previous designs while providing a stronger lock between segments– for even better prevention of slipping and twisting.  By modifying the angle of the compression rings in combination with a steeper thread of the mating nuts, we were able to improve upon an already outstanding locking mechanism– a perfect fit for a run-and-gun 5-segment design.



Models & Lengths


All QXS Booms are 5 segment poles

  • QXS550 = 1.6' Collapsed Length to 6.4' extended length

  • QXS565 = 2.1' Collapsed Length to 8.5' extended length

  • QXS580 = 2.6' Collapsed Length to 10.8' extended length

  • QXS5100 = 3.2' Collapsed Length to 13.7' extended length

  • QXS5130 = 4.2' Collapsed Length to 17.7' extended length


RX Emergency Bottom View   RX Emergency Lectrosonics UCR411

Rubber bottom standard on all QXS poles


Shown with optional Bottom-exit coiled cable set

RX Emergency Lectrosonics UCR411Optional - Internal Cable Sets

The QXS range up to QXS 5100 can also be fitted with an internal
coiled cable.

  • Straight Flow-thru Cable
  • Coiled cable, side exit (use QAPL)
  • Coiled cable, bottom exit 

For Side-exit cables we include a“QAPL” that allows a plug-on transmitter to be fixed to the boom via the XLR plug. The TX is
folded back on the boom axis so the bottom end is free for the
boom operator to hold or to be set on the ground.

RX Emergency Lectrosonics UCR411